Marrakech’s 1000 riads, and two more secret spots!

I am the kind of person that doesn’t really care where is she going to sleep. A clean bed and a closed door is enough for me to get lost in Morfea’s world.

BUT, all this until my last travel to Morocco!!

I can say that I got obsessed about visiting as much Riads as possible.

Maybe it was because of the peace that embraced you the same moment you passed the heavy doors behind you, leaving the chaos of the old Medinas far behind…

Or maybe the smell of orange peel and roses emerging from the central fountains…

Or the smile of the owners, who were able to imagine and transform an abandoned building falling apart into a small heaven….

Or maybe it was this feeling of such a different, but yet so familiar culture…

Who knows? The only part where no question applies is that YOU HAVE TO VISIT THEM no matter what!


There are different styles of Riad, from luxury 5***** hotels with details coming directly from Sehrazat fairy tails, to economic yet beautiful ones, and all the range in between!

My trip started in the one I choose to stay. As it was a last minute decision I wasn’t expecting much, though Riad Dar Baraka surprised me pleasantly!
Beautiful warm colours, comfortable and clean, with a decoration full of oriental touches, but never too much and a beautiful terrace to enjoy the sun and the view, was my orbital and my refuge. I can’t say enough for the warm welcome and the continuous attention in a way that makes you feel at home, rather than a guest!

Riad Dar Baraka, Marrakech, Morocco


First visit to a totally different style of Riad, La Sultana Marrakech is one of the most luxurious and beautiful riads at the same time! As the result of the junction of 5 different riads, there is the possibility to choose the style you prefer according to bright of darker decoration, as well as the privacy you wish, going from a balcony room in front of the central pool down to a few rooms yard room. The decoration details can make you want to discover all the 5 riads and the extraordinary terrace might keep you away from the buzzy streets of the neighbourhood. And I am not even mentioning the royal-ish spa 😉 Enjoy your our a thousand and one night!

La Sultana Marrakech, Morocco


When you step into Riad l’Orangeraie from the almost hidden door, you don’t expect to find such a beautiful place, neither a big size pool. But wait until you see the book of the construction to be 100% impressed of the transformation of the place!! (Remember to ask it from the staff) In this riad french finesse and moroccan style are married in a harmonious result that was made literally from zero. The owner is one of the first europeans who believed in the potential of the old Marrakech medina and to those old houses that the locals used to underestimate preferring a new-built apartment in the suburbs.

Riad l’Orangeraie, Marrakech, Morocco


The magnificent thing of the old medinas is that you can have two very different riads, or more, in the same block, like Riad Berber and Riad Dar Kawa!

Riad Berber is all about the original details! The stuccos arcs have been preserved and decorate not only the living room but also the bathrooms of the riad, the central garden with the fountain is full of rose petals to give the yard a wonderful smell of roses, the sofas and colours are in continuity of the original riad style. The difference though is that the staff is entirely composed from moroccan women of all ages! That may not sound like a big deal to us, but in Morocco women with basic or no education have almost no chance to work and will remain dependant of their husbands. Unless they start working in businesses that support the change like this riad.

Riad Berber, Marrakech, Morocco


Riad Dar Kawa on the other hand has a great contemporary style, despite being on of the first in the whole Marrakech. It’s owner Valerie Barkowski was one of the first designers who saw the potential of Morocco and decided to unite crafts from the different regions to a more contemporary style. This style that includes the colourful pom pons, everyday objects as decoration and scenes of the everyday rural life as paintings ended up being considered as the typical moroccan and we copied from brands worldwide, what an achievement! After getting to know the riad don’t forget to visit Valerie’s new store,  where all the beautiful objects you can see in the riad can become yours!

Riad Dar Kawa, Marrakech, Morocco


Named after a crazy cock that lived in the riad, Riad le Coq Fou it couldn’t be indifferent! The cock was not only the pet of the riad, but also the reason that made it’s owner want to sell the property. Attached to the Riad le Coq Berbere has a different charm from the others as it embrace you with the atmosphere of a real house! The central pool, friendly staff and images of the crazy cock all around also help to create a very special place. Plus, every room has a theme, so you can sleep together with Gina Lollobrigida if you wish!

Riad le Coq Fou, Marrakech Morocco



But not only Marrakech has riads. In every old medina or oasis you can enjoy the harmony of this unique places!

In Fes (and Marrakech but I tried the Fes one), Riad Tizwa impressed me with the consciousness that bring to their hospitality and the small details that define a great hospitality! Only local products are used at the restaurant, natural cleaning products every time possible, there are shopping bags available for the guests in order to avoid buying plastic ones and the breakfast is being served at the terrace when warm enough and at the living room with the fire place when cold, in order to not wake up the guests from the kitchen sounds that can be magnified from the enclosed architecture of the riads. Extra hint, the riad offers an instagarm promotion open to everybody!

Riad Tizwa, Fes, Morocco


Far away from the big cities lay Zagora, the door for the desert as the locals like to call it. And what else can you imagine when thinking about desert, but oasis. But you can never imagine the paradise that Riad Soleil du Monde is! Small labyrinthine streets, walls made from the typical orange mud, palm trees and birds, will travel you to another time, where life runs smoothly and people are willing to help no matter what~!

Riad Soleil du Monde, Zagora, Morocco


If after all these magical places you still don’t love Morocco, try the million natural wonders that can also welcome you for a sunset, night or dawn.

I also tried some of course…!


 For any questions, ideas or comments we are here to help you enjoy this wonderful country at it’s fullest!

Write us!


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