8 things you can only experience when travelling to the Amazons

Being in the largest forest on earth is a truly breath taking experience by itself!

Though there are many misconceptions about how travelling to the Amazons REALLY is…


YES! That’s Amazons!

.First day and you are already floating towards the smaller offshoots of the river.

.Well, there is no way you won’t get lost and amazed by the river reflexions.

.Sky and water become one to a magnificent illusion.




.Plants you have never seen before, and have absolutely no clue what they are, are found everywhere around you.

.Nothing to fear though!

.Just admire the diversity and animal-ish patterns of nature.




.The houses simply don’t have walls…!

.As the weather never drops under 20 degrees, and the humidity is rarely under 60%, the best option is to just cover yourself with a roof and leave everything else open.

.You can even shower open air! 😉




.There are weird food types everywhere.

.Animals that you can only see in the zoo, like armadillo and crocodile, can be part of your evening barbecue.

.Even if it needs some effort, don’t lose the opportunity to try flavours you will never find again!




.Mother Nature is the principal power and occupies everything.

.In a few years, the human constructions become naturally part of her again.

.It’s the rule!




.Deep in the forest you can find the so-called “naked communities”.

.Young people from around the world decided to abandon everything back home in order to live in touch with the nature. No electricity, no artificial food, no pharmaceuticals.

.And zero clothes…




.The most recognised healing method is the ancient indigenous ayahuasca plant ceremony.

.These types of ceremonies leaded from forest Shamans are held in a constant base, and they are open to the ones who wish to experience life from another dimension.

.Stay open. Stay connected!




.Few but still existing, some indigenous tribes preserve their language and costumes in the Amazon river region.

.Even though they have chosen the commodities of western clothing over wicker skirts, they refuse to disrespect the nature that feeds them and break the harmony of their communities, which helped them survive under difficult circumstances in the past.

.In the end, you can only wonder, “Are we people really so different deal inside?”.




NO! That’s not Amazons. That’s only myths…

//No, you won’t be bitten from 1,000 mosquitos/second.

At least it depends on you…

Amazons consist of several small rivers joining the central part. Depending on the PH of the water the river can be either full (non-acid waters) or no-mosquito (acid ph waters) area//


//No, you won’t hear every night dangerous creatures trying to eat you while you sleep.

Most of the big felines are scared, or even disgusted from the human smell. By hearing you activity the highest probability is to run away.

After all, they are not in need of food, the forest offers food in abundance//

And finally, two funny facts about the life in this part of the world…

.”God” is everywhere (even above a food menu)…



.Locals can find imaginary ways to sell you anything you can imagine. Here, ferry boat delivery…



And two Locål(i) habits that you hated at the beginning, but will make you want to come back as crazy…

.You can (and you will) go everywhere by boat.

.Actually it is easiest/funniest and cheapest way to explore the region.

.And most of the times, the only option!




.It seems that there no beds around.

.The indigenous people started use hammock in order to protect themselves during their sleep from animals and insects that live on the ground. And now is everywhere!

.In the boat from Manaus to Belem.

In the hostels

and even in some hotels as an option.

In the local houses,

as chairs in cafes…EVERYWHERE!.




All photos taken by Locåli.

Many thanks to my beloved friend, Tessa van de Ven, who made with me this amazing trip!


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