Do you dare to do these 9 things in Mexico? And one thing you shouldn’t risk…

Mexico is a colourful, vivid, central american country, which combines new age metropolis, turquoise waters, mayan pyramids, white sand beaches and spicy food. Yummy!

In March I decided to do a road trip, with no more plans than come closer to what this country really is.

Here are 9 things I challenge you to dare (and 1 that I don’t!):

1./ Follow a group of strangers for crazy partying in Tulum.

…and end up in a beautiful african style lodge by the beach with some great new friends

2./ Dive as deep as your lungs allow you in a dark cenote, where you don’t see neither the bottom, nor the animals swimming around you.

…and have some of the most introspective minutes of your life

3./ Stay at the top of a mayan Pyramid to see the sunset, even if you know that it is forbidden.

…and realise that the guards are searching for you in the absolute darkness to escort you through the dense forest because a jaguar is out for its night hunting

4./ Sleep in a traditional hammock accommodation where you take shower in open sky and the toilet is a dry one (no flashing water)

…and realise that simplicity is sometimes a big luxury

5./ Never ask for less spicy food at the local restaurants.

…and do down to tears from a piece of green jalapeños

6./ Drive down the streets of Campeche in a luxury Mercedes Benz 2017.

…and experience the locals staring at you as an alien

7./ Deny to act like a tourist and accelerate when mexican women up the hills of Chiapas try to block your passage in order to sell you dry bananas and horchata.

…and count the second they know they have to let the string go for letting you pass without cutting it of harm them

8./ Sleep in the back of your car in a gas station on the main street.

…but first make a pasta with your camping equipment in order to thank the gas station workers that were so kind with you

9./ Take a refreshing swim in the underwater springs of the Celestún lake.

…and see that you were swimming with a half a meter crocodile at your side only the second you are out of the water


And one thing you shouldn’t risk…is that, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much you love street food, it is better to avoid it! (Two nights stuck in a hostel as you need to use the closest toilet every 5 minutes is NOT fun).

Many remote communities lack running water which lead to poor hygienic conditions when cooking their otherwise delicious food. Stay alert!

Do you dare do all these or even more?!

We would love to hear your ideas!

All photos taken from Locå, except from the mexican driver one, by Stefan Bako. Special thanks for the beautiful capture and for disposing freely online.


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