04.04.2013 + 3 years, in an airplane over Atlantic ocean

04.04.2013 + 3 years, in an airplane over Atlantic ocean

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars.”

Quote from a postcard my first boyfriend gave me almost 12 years ago
The 4th of april, exactly 3 years ago, I was travelling with one way ticket towards a new life, Brazil.

Having nothing more than the idea that if I succed there I will be able to make it anywhere, I landed in an unknow city, where I had no friends, no job and wasn’t speaking the language…
And my 1st brazilian life began:

World cup fever, full-time partying, little money, one great love, and the torture to have to carry my lugage to the office as I first had keys of my work and much later keys of an apartment… life speed 100%!

Then came my 2nd brazilian life:

Believing in someone else’s project I invested full time and effort to finally realize that people can hurt you when they feel they are loosing control (even if it is for the best). And also that there are powers in life we can’t see or understand. It is not as simple as it seems. Though, each and every time, our choices is what we are… a harsh slap on my face!

And then followed my 3rd life:

Just when I was about to give up Brazil an angel-friend appeared. Angel doesn’t mean you never fight or shout. It means though you see beyond all that. And the “dream job” also arrived. Just to be taken down from routine, stress, reality. Lesson learned…”Be careful what you are asking for, cause it might come true”.

So all of a sudden the fourth life was on:

Driving me in a direction I have never imagined. Taught me that in our world ideals is just money with a different name, how easy it is to loose yourself and how difficult to gain it back, how different and the at the same time identical are us humans, and that they only one who is always there listen is ourselves…no “dream” is easy.
Running away of the 4th life I found myself into the 5th one:

Wondering inbetween countries, closing long-ago-opened circles, dreaming big and believing for the first time that I know what I want to do in life: help others adapt in new realities! … the way I have done, all these 8 years of living abroad and 5 different countries.
As I am on my way to Switzerland my project Locaali will be started.

Wish me imagination and dedication, in order luck not to be needed!
(Credits to the unknown photographer for the beautiful photo)

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