19.03.2017.Cenote de Cuzama, Yucatan, Mexico

19.03.2017.Cenote de Cuzama, Yucatan, Mexico

“-Where are you from?

-Is Greece a big city?

-Greece is a country in Europe.

-What does ‘country’ mean?”

Original version in spanish:

“-De done eres?

-De Grecia.

-Es grecia una ciudad grande?

-Grecia es un pais en Europa.

-Que queres decir ‘un pais’?”
Mr.Lorenzo, horse driver in Cenote de Cuzama, Yucatan Peninsula
I haven’t met before somebody who doesn’t know the meaning of the coutry. Somebody who has probably never seen a globe, who is not able to understand the difference of the countries.

And then I thought, can I?

Does it really make such a difference the country you are from?

Did you choose to get born in the country you were?

How does it feel to be discriminated or accepted from the language you speak, from what your grandparents have fighted for, from your skin tone?

Is Greece just ancient ruins with bad economy?

Is Spain just tapas and bull fights?

Is Germany just former nazis who know how to work efficiently?

Or Brazil carnival and nice asses?
I have travelled enough to see that there is no single person who doesn’t need attention and love. Love, agapi, amor, amour, …(=love in mayan language)

So, tell me, what’s your country??

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